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Any good daddy!kink fics?

Hey anon,

I presume you mean in the Klaine fandom because that’s mostly what I post but I got a bit excited and so here you have my top (sadly not enough) Daddy!kink recs:

OBVIOUSLY: Cat’s Cradle because well, all of the reasons.

And then there’s whoreishmouth and the mind-blowingly wonderful daddy!kink trans* series that is just… *heart eyes*

That’s actually really all I’ve seen for Daddy!Kink with Klaine that’s complete (There is an amazing GKM fill that’s abandoned and breaks my heart we’ll never see it finished because it was awesome). I’m sure I’m missing some - if I am - HIT ME UP!

Now, non-Klaine recs:

If you’ve not read recrudescence work then do yourself a favour and go read. Because seriously? Mindblowing work! Their Kurt/Puck daddy!kink was the first I read in the fandom (yes, I was a Puck-Kurt girl!) and it’s smexy.

Possibly one of my favourite Daddy!Kink fics ever is actually John/Sherlock and is tragically under reviewed over on Livejournal. I DEFINITELY recommend reading it because even if you don’t like/know Sherlock you’ll a) come and b) come again.

Lastly is actually the first ever Daddy!kink fic I ever read. It had squicked me before but because Liz was (and is still) one of my all time favourite writers I persevered. And I came out the other side with one of my biggest ever kinks. I will always love Liz for that and love this fic for it too. Jayne/Mal in Check & Balances. Guh. <3